Frequently Asked Questions


  • When can I order online?
    Whenever you need - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means you can order outside of working hours allowing you to focus on your own salon customers at other times.
  • Why do Wella provide online ordering for professionals?
    As part of our commitment to be your perfect partner, Wella is passionate about providing the best possible customer service. Part of this is enabling you to order your way – via your Account Manager, by phone and online. Wella was an early mover to provide online ordering for salon customers - we launched online ordering several years ago in UK and have recently upgraded our platform to provide you with the very best online experience.
  • I would like to share my online shopping experience, how can I do this?
    To continously ensure we are providing to your needs, you will be asked to provide an instant shopping experience rating when placing the orders. If you want to provide more feedback please contact customer service by email ( or by telephone on 01202 595700 for UK or 1800 246100 for Ireland. 
  • What is my stored email address used for?
    The email address you provide will be used to send order confirmation email and will be used to send a link in case of a forgotten password to allow you to change it if you need to.
  • Can I speak to someone about my account?
    Yes, you can contact customer service regarding delivery or billing by telephone on 01202 595700 for UK or 1800 246100 for Ireland. For all other matters, please call your Account Manager directly.
  • Can I view my previous online orders?
    Yes, you can view the previous orders you have placed online by clicking on order history at the top of the home page. For previous orders placed via your Account Manager or via the telephone, please contact customer service by telephone on 01202 595700 for UK or 1800 246100 for Ireland.
  •  Will my Account Manager still take my orders?
    Yes, online ordering is simply an additional way for you to place your order when you need it. Ordering online does not change your relationship with your Account Manager.
  • Will my Account Manager know about what I have been ordering online?
    Yes, online orders will be sent by mail to your Account Manager. This way he/she can check during next visits if to propose additional items and to sense your online shopping experiences.
  • How do I find specific products on the website?
    There are effectively two ways to find products:

    1. The most popular way is to browse each product starting with colour/technical first and then our range of care & styling brands.  Don’t forget equipment/accessories too. You can use the filters at the top of the page that help you to quickly narrow down the products listed and help you to find what you are looking for. This has been designed to be the fastest way to order a large number of products.

    2. If you know the exact product you are looking for, you can use the search box at the top right hand side of the home page.

  • Is there a fast way to add products to the basket?
    Yes, type the quantity of products you want into the quantity box the right of the product you want - these products are then immediately added to your basket. Try using the “tab” key on your keyboard to move to the next product and then add the quantity. This can speed things up even more.
  •  A product is declared as out of stock – can I purchase it anyway?
    It might exceptionally happen that a product is out of stock, in this case you cannot order the desired material but may choose an alike product. We provide an estimated in stock date.  
  • What happens if I am called away whilst placing an order?
    You will not lose any of your shopping, even if you turn off your computer in the middle of placing an order. When you sign in again, the content of your basket will still be there for you. You can even start your order in the morning and add to it throughout the day, as you discover more things to order. Remember, please PLACE YOUR ORDER before 12pm if you require same day dispatch.


  • Is there a minimum online order value to qualify for free delivery?
    Yes, £/€110 gross. For orders placed with a basket value below £/€110, a £/€15 delivery charge applies.

  • Can I have ‘next day delivery’ by ordering online with Wella?
    Orders must be placed before 12pm to ensure dispatch today. We aim to deliver within one working day of dispatch for UK and two working days for Ireland but this can vary by location.
  • Is it possible to specify a particular date for my delivery?
    Yes it s. You will get the opportunity to choose your delivery date when you place the order. 
  • Can Wella help with how to order online?
    Yes, we are here and want to help. Call 01202 595700 for UK or 1800 246100 for Ireland, or ask your Account Manager.


  • Do the product prices in my basket include my contractual discount?
    Yes, the prices shown are net of your salon’s contractual discount terms with Wella.
  • Do the product prices in my basket include loan discount?
    No, the prices shown are net of your salon’s contractual discount terms with Wella, loan discounts are applied on the final invoice only.
  • Do the product prices in my basket include VAT?
    No, the prices shown are exclusive of VAT so the order summary cannot be used as a VAT invoice. You will receive your VAT invoice with delivery – just like for orders via your Account Manager.
  • Is the price shown on the basket and in the order confirmation the final price?
    The online price contains your contractual discounts but does not consider loan discounts or VAT. Depending on those and the final quantity we can deliver the invoice amount will vary.
  • What methods of payment do you accept?
    All payments are on account – just like with your Account Manager.
  • I am missing an invoice, can you send me a copy?
    Yes, please contact customer service by email ( or by telephone on 01202 595700 for UK and 1800 246100 for Ireland. 
  • Where can I find my account number?
    Your account number can either be found on any of the invoices that you have received or on past delivery notes.


  • My bank details, phone numbers or others are changing, can I modify these online?
    No, not online. You can contact Customer service by email ( or by telephone on 01202 595700 for UK and 1800 246100 for Ireland or inform your Account Manager.
  • My email address is changing, can I modify it online?
    Yes, go to your account data, account information, email address and change it there
  • I cannot not find the email being sent to change my password – where can I find it?
    You might have to look into your junk folder and search for an email sent by: Wella Online Customer Support []


  • What promotions are available online?
    When ordering online, you can enjoy exclusive online promotions plus selected promotions offered to you by your Account Manager.
  • I can’t I find one of the offers presented to me by my Account Manager. Are all promotions available online? 
    No, some but not all promotions offered by your Account manager are available online. Only your Account Manager understands you and your salon needs and can tailor bespoke offers to ensure you receive what is most helpful for your salon. Some such tailored offers are not intended for online ordering whilst ensuring an enjoyable and convenient online experience. Please call your Account Manager if you cannot find the offer you were looking for. Remember that you can enjoy exclusive promotions that are only available online.


  • What type of promotions do you provide online and where can I find them?
    We offer two ways in which you can select promotions while shopping online.
    • Bundles - Go directly to the “Promotions” page to review our great offers on bundles of products. You can get either some extra free items or the entire bundle at a discounted price! Example: “Buy 10 of our best shades and receive 3 developers for free”. Simply add the quantity of such bundles you wish to receive to your basket. You will see the overview of ordered items with one price per bundle which already reflects your best price and the items for free.
    • For multi-buy savings look for offers on the Category Brand pages. With these promotions you will be able to get items of a given product for free if buying in bulk. Do remember to put in the basket the total quantity you wish to receive and we will deduct the promotional discount from the total immediately! Example: “Buy 5 for the price of only 3”; please add 5 items to your basket and you will be charged for only 3 of them, you will see this reflected in the basket, order summary and later in the official trade invoice.


  • Can I use the online images as base for any publications?
    We recommend to use images for further use in print materials etc. from our UK Wella website
  • Some items do not have a picture linked - why?
    We do have a wide range of products to offer online and we want to let you order them online as soon as they become available. Not for all products pictures might be on hand yet hence you will see for few products a generic placeholder stating: "Image not available"



The information availabe on the screen does not seem to be correct, how can I confirm?

You have the perception that the online shop does behave in a strange manner, eg banners/pop-ups are misaligned, prices in the basket are not calculated properly etc. What can you do?


We continuously work to provide best-in-class online experience and always target 24/7 operations without interruptions. On a rare occasion those improvements could impact what you see online versus your last online visit. In such case we recommend to clear the cache in your browser, click's-Cache  to get guidance.


If the problem persist, please contact our customer service by email  or by telephone on 01202 595700 for UK and 1800 246100 for Ireland.